The New Yorker Who Fell to Sarasota

What the heck just happened?! It has been ages since my last post.

Two and a half years have flown by since my last post!. Off the radar. But busy. I am forever inspired.

I left New York City in August 2015, and moved both home and studio 1,200 miles south to Sarasota. It was never in my plan. But I was and still am in love with Amy Davis,  and wherever she is I call home. And I have discovered that without Amy I would be an artist and not an artist in business. That said, “everybody” told me it would take a year or two to start to feel at home. And it has.

Yes, it is staggeringly beautiful on the Gulf “SunCoast”. Parenthetically, it is pouring rain and chilly as I write. And cold here is surely not the cold of the NorthEast. However, the general consensus here is that we do indeed live in paradise.


The foliage is alien; in fact, I feel like I moved to a different planet. The leaves never turn color; there are myriad species of palm trees.shrubbery and plants that yield out of this world flowers and seed cases.


When it does get cold enough in the winter;  a plethora of critters seek shelter in our home, including, but not limited to, palmettos, more species, some actually benign, of spiders just in our yard and house. I am admittedly an arachnophobe; I have no idea which are actually benign (and assume the worst). I know for sure that a Wolf Spider bite means dial 911. I’ll save that photo until I find it. Maybe I’ll do a special post.

That said I live in the only sub-tropical state. I am minutes from Siesta Key, a beach voted most beautiful so many times the sign is starting to rust.

A new world of inspiration.


Theft is Applause, I have decreed.

Theft is Applause, I have decreed.. has launched

Masturbating Again 22 x 30 inches Black Gouache on Rives BFK

Masturbating Again 22 x 30 inches Black Gouache on Rives BFK

The new website is live. It really is all about Sex, Death, and Magic. Forty years of a life in art.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

EJ down

b&w photo of girl in submission position

"EJ, down!"

The Artist Jonathan Herbert in Somerville MA 1973

Photo by Steven Popper (MD)

Photo of Jonathan Herbert in 1973 during his tenure at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Steven was one of my best friends from Valley Stream South High School; he was at Tufts while I was a SMFA. He went on to be a quirky pediatrician in Ann Arbor and I went on to be me.

Faith in Agony: excerpt from photo book