The New Yorker Who Fell to Sarasota

What the heck just happened?! It has been ages since my last post.

Two and a half years have flown by since my last post!. Off the radar. But busy. I am forever inspired.

I left New York City in August 2015, and moved both home and studio 1,200 miles south to Sarasota. It was never in my plan. But I was and still am in love with Amy Davis,  and wherever she is I call home. And I have discovered that without Amy I would be an artist and not an artist in business. That said, “everybody” told me it would take a year or two to start to feel at home. And it has.

Yes, it is staggeringly beautiful on the Gulf “SunCoast”. Parenthetically, it is pouring rain and chilly as I write. And cold here is surely not the cold of the NorthEast. However, the general consensus here is that we do indeed live in paradise.


The foliage is alien; in fact, I feel like I moved to a different planet. The leaves never turn color; there are myriad species of palm trees.shrubbery and plants that yield out of this world flowers and seed cases.


When it does get cold enough in the winter;  a plethora of critters seek shelter in our home, including, but not limited to, palmettos, more species, some actually benign, of spiders just in our yard and house. I am admittedly an arachnophobe; I have no idea which are actually benign (and assume the worst). I know for sure that a Wolf Spider bite means dial 911. I’ll save that photo until I find it. Maybe I’ll do a special post.

That said I live in the only sub-tropical state. I am minutes from Siesta Key, a beach voted most beautiful so many times the sign is starting to rust.

A new world of inspiration.


Masturbating Girl: charcoal and acrylic on rag paper

2009w_0076 mastubation drawing

Masturbation Drawing (9w76) 18 x 18 inches charcoal and acrylic on rag paper

“Taste Me” Naked Girl with Blue Knees Socks

Taste Me 8W0423 acrylic and charcoal on paper 30 x 22 inches

Does This Society Make My Ass Look Fat?

8w461 Naked Girl 24 x 18 inches acrylic on paper

I refuse Hollywood, TV, magazines, newspapers, radio and as much advertising as I can manage to avoid, in all its forms. New York City often reminds me of the opening scenes of Blade Runner (a movie I did see, and really liked).

On the other hand, I remember the peace I felt in Tulum, almost completely devoid of the clamor of the propaganda machine as it attempts to willfully erode one’s self-esteem, offering up external solutions to lighten your wallet but never your load.

If you don’t know this book, you may find it interesting: When Society Becomes an Addict by Anne Wilson Schaef

It’s wonderful to learn, as our moment alive continues, that life never gets less delicious, less sensual or erotic. Aging is a powerful, giving process. And death is sacred.

SEX PAINTING: masturbating girl with steel dildo

Masturbating Girl 9w*** 30 x 22 inches acrylic and charcoal on rives bfk
PLEASE NOTE: this is a preliminary IPHONE photo, filtered and sharpened and whatnot in photoshop, but STILL, ya know ! I will repost this after it is shot with the great lens and camera body. It will look better then.

Now this painting was a lighthearted undertaking. I mean I can only immerse my heart and soul in re-experiencing the death of Suzanne from that grinding, pernicious cancer for just so long before turning my heart and soul to the erotic and delicious vision of a beautiful girl masturbating with the justly famous nJoy Eleven (a steel dildo that is a thing of sculptural beauty in itself)!


Suzanne Dying 9wxx1 30 x 22 inches acrylic and charcoal on rives bfk
PLEASE NOTE: this is a preliminary IPHONE photo, filtered and sharpened and whatnot in photoshop, but STILL, ya know ! I will repost this after it is shot with the great lens and camera body. It will look better then.

The reference for this painting is also from December 20th, 2009, eleven days before Suzanne’s death from metastatic hemangiopericytoma. I have come to call them death paintings, but I often think of them as KADDISH which is the Hebrew prayer for the dead.

For one thing I know: that nine-year journey from the diagnosis of the first brain tumor to her final surrender was a holy path I was blessed to be allowed to share, and at the moment of death God shook the universe and I howled.

DEATH PAINTING: my wife died a year ago today

Suzanne Dying 9w074 conté and acrylic on rag paper 19 1/2 x 18 inches

A year ago this morning my wife, Suzanne Mauer, died after a nine-year battle with metastatic hemangiopericytoma. Her doctors, Ronald Blum at Beth Israel and Robert Maki at Sloan Kettering, were wonderful doctors and loving men. Suzanne’s death was long, lingering, agonizing, and included a vicious and very expensive legal battle to get treatment approved by her insurance carrier. She went, in a wheelchair, to Albany to talk to the lawmakers in the Capitol and, based on that trip and the incredible help of Mark Scherzer, there is now a New York State law that says that a person with a rare disease cannot be denied coverage based on a lack of “clinical studies”.

She was tough, loving and complicated. Her computer screen saver said “LOVE RULES.” These paintings are love letters. And I will continue making them until they stop demanding to be made. The hell with decorative painting.