immolation SELF-PORTRAIT from 1979 posting Winter Solstice 2010

This is me 31 years ago. Thank you, Universe, for every
minute, in flames or lain down by cool waters.

Selfportrait 79o001Oil on board 33 x 12 inches

13 thoughts on “immolation SELF-PORTRAIT from 1979 posting Winter Solstice 2010

  1. I just read your artist statement. Now I know how you define your art. Insightful. Emotions to the surface.

    Respectuly thank you for sharing.



    • Thank you for viewing and sharing your thought process. While it is true that I am do work with emotions, I consider myself in the shamanic tradition and that I commune with a far deeper, otherworldly place. When I paint I get out of the way; the paintings pour through me.

      1979 was a Dionysian time, when I was suffering from the post-traumatic stress disorder that was the result of my childhood. I was a great painter and a dangerous man.


      • I kind of understand the pouring of the painting and emotions through the painter as of shamanic process, although I don’t have much knowledge about that.
        Not everyone can be a shaman, right? sometimes scary places show up.
        What I experienced as a painter was, mostly like someone else was telling me how to paint, kind of like guiding me thru the process.
        Do you think it is possible that long gone painters, even the famous ‘talk’ to us when we paint? you know, silently in our mind we have the conversation with them? like telepathic conversation sort of a thinking.. I think it is possible. or another explanation is a split mind, which would mean another part of us talk to another part of us, if you know what I mean.

        I am looking forward your new Angel series. I paint cosmos, when I paint, or hearts, when I paint.
        I love cosmic images.


  2. wow, 31 years ago, kind of a disturbing image, maybe that is not a correct word to describe it but definately not a balanced figure.
    The only hope I see in this picture is the blue in the middle of the throat.


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