Phoenix Reborn charcoal on Rives BFK

Today.  I’ve started being drawn to the Phoenix myth. Here’s the first iphone photo of the second drawing on this theme.I will replace it with a proper photo by the Archivist when it’s shot. Unless I work on it further.

Phoneix Rising from Embers charcoal on Rives BFK paper 30 x 22 inches

I find it interesting that as the KADDISH / Dead Suzanne series seems to be working itself out that I have had this rebirth myth drift up from my psyche.

Unburying the studio to work on Dead Suzanne

First I spent the morning putting all the paintings not back up in storage into the hall so I had enough room to work.

That took about an hour. Here’s what that got me.

But I was able to play in the mud and the dust, breathing solvents and smearing myself with lead paint.