Views from a Yellow Cab

Digging in My History: early 1980’s

Jonathan Herbert. Views from a Yellow Cab. Watercolor and Pen on Paper. Taxi. 1980's.

Book One Page One

copyright 2010 jonathan herbert

The night recedes before me
as does this beautiful yellow behemoth.
Look at the trunk on that baby!
I drive, mile after mile after mile,
hunting: a hand waving; a couple stumbling
out of a nightclub; a suitcase lugged from a station.
Twelve hours a night, every night
but Sunday. New York,
I love you. I piss on your streets.

3 thoughts on “Views from a Yellow Cab

  1. Art is a weird, the painter and the paintings are one, we are one..

    How do you feel about that? we are what we eat, and we are what we paint sort of a thinking..
    the portrayal of the women you are painting is actually you and your emotions ,not the women.
    do you agree? or disagree


  2. Checker Taxi is cute. 30 years ago was different, wasn’t it?
    I got your website from Eric Maisel sunday email. I decided to check your paintings out.
    Thank you for sharing and good luck with your art.
    I also paint.
    What does it mean “you are virtually in Dumbo”?


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