Does This Society Make My Ass Look Fat?

8w461 Naked Girl 24 x 18 inches acrylic on paper

I refuse Hollywood, TV, magazines, newspapers, radio and as much advertising as I can manage to avoid, in all its forms. New York City often reminds me of the opening scenes of Blade Runner (a movie I did see, and really liked).

On the other hand, I remember the peace I felt in Tulum, almost completely devoid of the clamor of the propaganda machine as it attempts to willfully erode one’s self-esteem, offering up external solutions to lighten your wallet but never your load.

If you don’t know this book, you may find it interesting: When Society Becomes an Addict by Anne Wilson Schaef

It’s wonderful to learn, as our moment alive continues, that life never gets less delicious, less sensual or erotic. Aging is a powerful, giving process. And death is sacred.