SURRENDER 8w444 30 x 22 inches (detail) copyright 2008 Jonathan Herbert

sybarite productions proudly presents


four limited edition prints from


at ArteRoTica 6

an exhibition and performance of the erotic


10 DECEMBER 2009


Madame X

94 West Houston Street, Greenwich Village

(all guests of Jonathan Herbert admitted free to nightclub)

You can click to be whisked to my newly updated website: biographical information and a number of recent bodies of work are on display, including images of my NAKED GIRL series and from my latest work SEX AND DEATH, inspired by my wife’s nine-year battle with cancer and her death on New Year’s Eve 2008, and by our innate erotic response to the harsh fact of our mortality.

Four limited edition prints from the larger series SEX AND SURRENDER, by JONATHAN HERBERT, will open at Madame X, 94 West Houston Street, on December 10th, from 7pm to midnight. The work is being mounted at the December ArteRoTica, a monthly event created and produced by Sybarite Productions, Inc., and partners.

SEX AND SURRENDER focuses on the erotic nature of power exchange. On view are limited edition prints of paintings of women who are sexually aroused by being tied up. Says Herbert, “The trinity of sex, death and redemption are the themes I explore in my art.”

Jonathan Herbert grew up in a house in which the walls were covered with paintings, drawings, and Japanese prints. He was a Museum of Modern Art regular from infancy, and has been an artist for forty years.

Since 2003 he has worked in a studio in the Fulton Ferry area of Brooklyn. It is obvious to even the casual viewer that Herbert has an abiding love affair with paint, the substance; like the alchemists, he works in a pre-scientific, pre-technological, approximate and mysterious world. Herbert graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

His website is; recently he has begun to write about his artistic process his on this blog, as well as posting new work as it is shot.

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