I’ve been doing so much of the business chores of art, that it has been too long since I was in the studio. When I knew I wanted to be an artist, what I didn’t know was that one day I would be buried in inventories on excel while rebuilding a website, and social networking in a world of web2.0

I have more DEAD SUZANNE paintings to do…they are in my head. I am starting to the huge malaise that builds as days go by without painting.

The “new” profile picture is one of me in my studio around 1985 or so. It was at 1255 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The oil painting behind me is called Up First near the Queensborough, and I hope to find it in storage. It was one of a large body for work called VIEWS FROM A YELLOW CAB. Somebody wants to buy a print. I don’t remember selling it; 1985 is so far from these days of excel inventories and digital archiving of my work.

At least the new website is up!!

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